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Enjoy this simple and refreshing classic drink prepared only with whiskey and lemon-lime soda.
Whiskey Sour
The Whiskey Sour or bitter, is a famous and striking cocktail prepared with whiskey lemon juice, sugar syrup and, optionally but highly recommended, egg white to give texture and garnished with lemon peel.
John Collins
This refreshing and bubbly drink is made with whiskey, lemon juice, sugar syrup, mineral water, a lemon wedge and a cherry for garnish.
Old Fashion
A drink that will not go out of style due to its delicious flavor, it is made with whiskey, sugar, extra dry liquor, mineral water, and a touch of orange juice.

Blue margarita
The most chic drink to refresh yourself. Tequila, lemon juice, blue Curaçao, sugar and a touch of salt.
Lemon margarita
Taste the classic drink in every beach vacation a refreshing margarita prepared with tequila, orange liqueur, lemon juice, and sugar.
Strawberry margarita
A must-try in your trip to quench your thirst, prepared with Tequila, triple sec orange liqueur, lemon juice, fresh strawberries and sugar.
Mango margarita
The best way to refresh yourself while getting your tan, a delicious margarita prepared with Tequila, triple sec orange liqueur, lemon juice, fresh mango and sugar syrup.
Hot (chili) margarita
Dare to try this delicious and extravaganza margarita prepared with tequila, cucumber, orange liqueur, lemon and serrano pepper, we have for sure you will love it.